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Laptop – Maintain your New Laptop

Now you just got your great new laptop and you are ready to work with...or play. Congratulations!

But getting it is just the beginning and because you spent money on it, doesn't matter how much, you must ensure that it's life is going to be as long as possible

For this I present you a few tips to extend your new laptop's life.

Battery life - we all know that a battery cannot be charged infinitely. So every time you can use a power supply, use it, and take out the battery if it's charged. And when you are on battery, dimmer your screen to the lowest setting, disable auto bluetooth and WiFi network detection. Best way to dimmer your screen brightness is by creating a power scheme(Control Panel/Power options) for maximum battery.

Save your keyboard and screen - the best way to protect your laptop from dust, sand, or crumbs is an iSkin, which keeps crumbs out from between the keys and also protects the screen from keyboard scratches. You can periodically clean your keyboard with compress air from dust and other not wanted things.

Avoid spills on your keyboard...but if you happen to experience this(hope you don't) shutdown the laptop immediately, take the battery out and disconnect all the peripherals. Then lift the computer and turn it to the side and upside down to drain any liquid. Then use a hair dryer to dry the laptop.

Secure your data - always use a secure firewall, use strong passwords and turn off sharing when connected to internet. You may also consider encrypting your personal data in case your laptop is stolen.

Use a laptop bag - is recommended to use a laptop bag special built to protect your precious.

Back-up your data - the risk of hard drive failure is more increased in case of laptops, so backing up your data is essential. You can use an external drive for this...or burn important data on CDs or DVDs.

Antivirus, Protecting Your Laptop Against Intruders. How to Use Them, Pros and Cons

Technology has made inroads into our lives like never before. You have the world at your fingertips as Internet has facilitated the availability of resources on your laptop. However, the Internet also acts as a gateway for computer viruses that can damage the entire set up of your laptop. You need to install an antivirus program on your laptop to ensure that it remains protected from intruders like malicious software and virus.

Antivirus software identifies virus programs, which are often circulated in the network. As you enter the world of Internet, through your laptop, you are exposed to the various 'invaders', which seek to breach the security of your system. Viruses like Trojan horse may cause irreparable damages to your laptop. There are several antivirus software programs available in the market to ensure that your laptop functions smoothly without breaking down in the event of an unwanted virus attack.

Most of the antivirus software programs guarantee protection against all kinds of malwares and viruses. Antivirus software creates an alarm for the user as soon as it counters a potential threat to the laptop. It gives the user an option of quarantine or deleting the virus from his/her laptop. A virus attack on your laptop may cause a good deal of damage to your stored data as it leads to automatic deletion of files, usage of the affected laptop to target other computers and unwanted access to private information.

You can protect your laptop from all these threats by installing antivirus software that provides regular updates. You can buy antivirus software from any of the websites that offer this service or just download a free edition on your laptop.

Using antivirus software on your laptop is easy. As soon as you start your machine, you get a pop up message to run a quick virus check. You should scan your laptop regularly to eliminate any chances of virus penetration into your system. Most of the antivirus software programs provide regular messages to make you aware of the software updates available. Just upgrade your antivirus from time to time and ensure that your laptop remains virus free.

While you use your laptop, you should take some precautions, in order to avoid a risk of virus attack. Do not click on pop up windows that fill up your screen as soon as you connect to any of the websites. Avoid clicking on the links that come with a warning message. You should not download any files or attachments that are not scanned by your antivirus software. Mails from unrecognized and anonymous sources should be deleted immediately.

While it is always advisable to install antivirus software on your laptop, you may find that the processes on your laptop slow down considerably. In order to avoid this, you should always choose a program that is suitable for laptop configuration. By adopting a few simple steps and by regularly scanning your laptop for virus detection, you can ensure the fact that your PC enjoys a smoother and longer run.

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Install Windows Xp On Vista Pre-Installed Laptop

This is a complete step-by-step guide to enable you to install Windows XP on your vista pre installed laptop. When we try to install Windows XP on our laptop, we face an error leaving us annoyed. Most of the time blue screen welcomes us with some coding and some instructions e.g check your hardware or hard disk not found and run scandisk with /f key.
This guide is meant to address such issues of checking hard disk besides the fact that hard disk is brand new and just few hours old.

Lets understand the logic behind this problem. Windows XP actually supports obsolete ATA hard drive technology and has no support for SATA hard drives. While windows vista is latest operating system as

compared to windows XP, so windows vista has an edge over its predecessor and have drivers for Serial ATA (SATA).

So if by any means Windows XP recognizes SATA drive, windows XP would be installed.

This is our aim in this guide to make windows XP as updated to recongnise our latest hard disks.


But you should take some precaution while executing this project. Mak back-up DVD of your system for future use. You should check the web for windows XP drivers. If windows XP drivers are not found, installation of Windows XP will not be beneficial, because operating system will not be able to use hardware resources efficiently. Just like integrated web cam, touchpad, built in W-Lan, Bluetooth and sound system will not work if their drivers are not available for Windows XP.

Lets start our work.


Tools we need for this project are.

Nlite software for merging SATA drivers into Windows XP setup. Download latest version from www.nliteos.com
Download freeware EASEUS Partition Master home edition from www.partation-tools.com/download.htm Windows vista has option to shrink the drives but this utility has limitation and will limit you after certain resizing. With EASEUS, you can easily resize/shrink/delete or create partition without any limitation and without any error.
You need blank CD for writing purpose.
Last but not the least, Windows XP installation source CD.

 These are the necessary tools we require for our bootable Windows XP CD.

Step #1. Copy and paste all files and folders from Windows XP installation CD to local hard drive.

 Step #2. Now gather some info about our machine. Click Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools and click system information. A new window will occur, click the link conflicts/sharing. After some time information will be displayed in right pane. Now in file menu click save to save the hardware infor in text form for information.

Step #3. In right pane, you have noticed some information. For Intel motherboard based computers you will see something like this, ICHx. Where x denotes number ranging from 7 to 10. E.g ICH10. In my system I have ICH9. This is the part of our hardware needs to fixed in Windows XP. Now goto Intel web site and down load driver for this south bridge. Download driver for ICH9 Here. Driver will be in compressed form and have name like in pic below.

 Step #4. Install Nlite and run the program. Guide this program to Windows XP installation source. Nlite will recognize and show you the information related to Windows XP source.

 Step #5. Click next and you will see a next screen. Just click next button and skip it.

Next screen is very important and have many options. For our main purpose click bootable iso and drivers’ button. Both buttons will highlight. Click next.

 Step #6. We have downloaded driver for our south bridge (ICH9) that was compressed. Using proper compression software like winrar, extract it to a folder. Here you will see many files extracted from that compressed folder.

 Step #7. Come back to nlite and click import button. Click on single driver, locate extracted folder and you will see two files. Click on iaAHCI file to import. You will see a new window.

 Step #8. Make sure text mode option is selected. Now Select all by CTRL+A and click next. Integration process will start. After completing the driver merging process click next, you will see next screen.

 Step #9. If you want to save image and burn later chose save image or choose direct write option. Leave all other options on default and wait for burning process completion.

Congrats, you have created bootable Windows XP CD with SATA driver support. Your system is ready for Windows XP installation.

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Why You Should Look At Gaming Laptops And Where To Buy Them

If you are one of those people that love to play video games then you may even love to play computer games. If you do and you also need to purchase a new laptop then you need to look at gaming laptops. The reason is because they have higher performance and can make your gaming experience great.

The most serious gamers love the new gaming laptops. They are great for portable playing and also just for playing anywhere you want to in your home. Just sit on your couch and get comfortable while you are playing your favorite games.

What makes a big difference in laptops that are gaming and ones that are not gaming is the video RAM and the RAM. This makes the games faster and easier to play. Because the new technology in computers is so great, the new laptops are now better and faster than other.

There are a few drawbacks to owning a gaming laptop. The biggest concern is that they are expensive and can be stolen easily. These computers are worth a lot of money so you will need to take the proper precautions so that it stays safe.

If you can customize your new laptop then you will most likely get one that suits you the best. This is a great feature that many companies now are offering for free. You just pay for each of the upgrades that you choose. This way, you get just what you need and don't have to pay for what you don't need.

Gaming computers also have faster processors. They will have the best resolution and largest amount of RAM that is available at the moment. This is what any serious gamer needs to have. It is a good idea when looking at laptops to see if it is possible to upgrade the graphics card and video RAM. You don't want to be stuck without being able to upgrade at some point if you choose to.

Looking for a new gaming laptop can be a daunting task if you do not even know where to start. The best thing that you can do is to start looking on the internet and begin your search there. Most online companies have great deals on shipping that make it much easier to shop there.

So if you are looking for great gaming laptops you should really look online. This is really the best way to find great deals on them. It is also a great way to be able to customize it anyway you see fit.

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