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Really? You Don’t Need A Website Disaster And Recovery Program? Why?

If you answered YES to that, you're dead wrong my friend. Let me prove it to you by giving you real true-to-life examples.

Recently, I asked this question to one lady webmaster named Dorothy and she said quite simply,

"Well, why should I do that? My webhost said that they guarantee 99.9% of the time, my website will be OK. Besides, I don't know how to do it if that's technical stuff. So why should I care?"

That is the mindset of many people like her who really believed that the 99 % uptime guarantees found on the promises page of their webhosts is already their website insurance.

First of, what's a "Disaster and Recovery Program"?

It's all about a business owner's plan of actions, systems and procedures that ensures business continuity when disruptions and disasters arise in the normal course of business.

Every major corporations and businesses worldwide have this on their yearly agenda as part of their risk management assessment. It's also known as the "Business Continuity Program" in the corporate world.

I know your online business and your websites are important to you. So why then should it not apply to your online business as well?

You know that many times, disaster strikes us when we least expect it. Sometimes it even happens when you have a major product launch or a full-blown advertising campaign when, all of a sudden, your websites went down and boom, all your efforts and investments went down the drain as well.

If hackers happen to pick your site for fun and notoriety, managed to break in to deface it or release worms, Trojan horses, DDOS attack bots and the likes that damage your websites as a result, what will you do after?

What about fires in the datacenter where your server is located or maybe a hard disk failure on your web hosting server? There are even cases of errors in technical configurations, substandard server hardwares, overcrowded hosting servers, technical incompetence of support staff and other problems your host wouldn't tell you about.

These disasters have ruined too many online businesses in the past. And my websites are not spared as well. Believe me when I tell you that it happened to my websites many times even on my own dedicated server! It only shows that disasters do happen and even your webhost sometimes cannot do anything about it.

Website hacking and defacing, viruses and worms, server crashes, server hardware failures, datacenter fires, network failures, electrical faults, technical support errors, long recurring service downtimes and other website disasters can immediately put you out of business. And that's just one of the effects. Not to mention loss of face, loss of opportunities and loss of time.


Because downtime is just not acceptable these days. Your customers and visitors can't wait all the time for you to be back online. If they can't find you, they can't buy from or trade with you and going to the competition is easy as a click of a mouse. Your advertising and promotional campaigns are put to waste because of your dead websites. Lots of money are lost in recovery and restoration as well as in lost opportunities that you will surely miss out.

That's why we all need to make the planning for disaster and recovery a high priority item in our online business especially if you are seriously making a lot of money from it.

By the way, I'm not scaring you at all. But think about it for a moment. Imagine a situation wherein you and your websites are in total chaos, you don't know what to do because you don't have a website backup, you don't have a restoration plan and you don't really know who to run to or talk to about it.

You see, each webmaster should have a comprehensive plan of action. Your disaster and recovery program should not only target your webpages (html, images, photos, audios, zips and other files). You should know that there are other website components that you need to take care of too.

For example, many websites nowadays have MYSQL databases installed to store and manage their customers, sales, products, files and visitors data among other things. MYSQL is free to use so many people naturally are using it for their website scripts. There is a good chance that you are using or have used it too, right?

So when disaster strikes, not only are your webpages at risk, your precious MYSQL databases are also at risk. Most of the time, webmasters have local backups of the webpages, files and scripts on their hard drive which can be easily restored. But MYSQL databases need a special backup procedure for you to extract it straight from your website control panel. You can't easily create it and upload it like your html, pdfs and zip files. Your web hosting server creates and grows these databases for you real time. So if you're not technically inclined to know this as a webmaster, you might disregard it and face the risk of loss in the future. Yet losing your business data is like losing your business continuity. Once it's lost, you'll find it hard to recover.

Another website component is your website scripts. They need a disaster and recovery plan too. Say for example you purchased a PHP script that has an auto-install auto-update feature from the seller. Most often than not, you have no copy of this script on your local harddrive (since the seller might have installed it for you for free) much more the version updates that are automatically applied to your website each time the seller releases a new one.

If you fail to backup your whole PHP script configuration, then it will be very hard for you to restore this script to its last state. Imagine getting back to version 1 or older version of your scripts. You'll end up paying the seller or a top programmer lots of money to restore this for you if you're even lucky enough to have the script from the seller again for free. If not, you have to pay for it again.

Crazy eh?

What a waste of money just because you don't have a disaster and recovery plan. Not only that. You will lose face, customers or visitors, momentum, opportunities and most of all, time to recover and restore everything to its last working condition.

You sure wouldn't want to go back to where you started, would you?

So here are five (5) simple steps you can easily do to setup your own Disaster and Recovery Program for your online businesses:

1. First, REALIZE that your websites and all the other components are always at RISK. If you still believe your webhost that nothing can happen to your website no matter what, you won't be able to know until you've lost everything. I know this and I speak by experience. If you can sleep at night well knowing that as a webmaster, you're in control, then it really pays to do it yourself. If you're still not convinced, answer this question: "Would you really put on some stranger's hands the fate of your online business?" Remember that, most of the time, you've never even met or talk to your webhost.

2. Second, BACKUP ALL your website files, scripts and databases on your local hard drive, another remote server or another offsite media. This means you'll download, store and update these files from time to time. You have to do this patiently on schedule (better once a week or best daily if you have high traffic database-driven websites). You will use these backup files to restore your website to its latest state when disaster strikes. Usually, web hosting control panels like Cpanel, Plesk, Ensim and Webmin have a backup and restore facility page where you can do this. Please check your control panel manual for details.

3. Third, LEARN how TO recover and RESTORE your websites to its latest state. Since your online business is important, you must be able to quickly recover from any disaster. A quick restoration plan should be in place and rehearsed during the "good times" so that when "bad times" come, you're well prepared for it. Remember, if you know how to build your websites, you must also know how to rebuild it too. This is needed not only during disasters but also if you're transferring to another web host or web server.

4. Fourth, COLLABORATE, if you're not a programmer or technically knowledgeable about websites, scripts and MYSQL databases, with someone who has that knowledge. When disaster strikes, you should be able to quickly pull someone who can do the technical stuff for you if you don't know how. My suggestion is to get someone from Elance.com or Scriptlance.com. Since these sites are working on a project bidding system, you'll get better service at lesser price. There are risks involved here also but that's another matter. What's important is for you to know the places where to get help when you need it.

5. And lastly, STICK WITH YOUR PLAN and do it DILIGENTLY. You can never tell when problems will occur so you have to be ready all the time. And this can only be achieved by being serious to the above four (4) steps.

Remember, this disaster and recovery plan is your own insurance for your online business. You don't have to pay someone to do it for you. You can do this if you'll just realize that your online business is always at risk and it's important that it continue so that you will benefit from it in the long term.

As you become triumphant over any online disasters you will be facing, you will know how good it is to be in total control.

And that, my friend, is a great feeling.

Mother’s Day Shopping Made Easy

Moms work hard each and every day. Mother's Day shopping is important because you want to find a gift that shows how much you truly appreciate all she does for you. Sometimes it can be hard to find just the right gift for such a special lady so we have some tips to help you along. Shop early so you have plenty of time to find the gift you want her to have.

Mother's Day shopping is a great way to buy mom a gift you know she will love. You can have it sent directly to her house so you don't have to worry about delivering the gift yourself or shipping it to her. Most companies will even take care of gift wrap and a personalized card from you to your mom. This way you can shop right from home and visit as many stores as needed to find the perfect gift.

Flowers are always popular for Mother's Day. If your mom loves flowers then chances are that nothing will make her happier than a bouquet of her favorites. Potted plants and bushes can also be bought for a gift that will last for many years to come. Online nurseries can even be found that will send a tree to your mom for her special day.

Maybe a gift from moms favorite store would be better. You can find millions of stores online to suit your every shopping need. Whether it's a gift basket or her favorite perfume, you can be sure you will be able to find it online. Gourmet candy is also available or maybe a book by her favorite author. Just about every major store in the world has a web site today.

If you are not sure what mom would like than you might think about a gift certificate or card to her favorite store. Restaurants offer gift cards now as well. Some of these can even be sent instantly through email. This might be a great idea if you have put off shopping until the last minute and no longer have time for a gift to be delivered.

Another gift idea for those looking for quality is jewelry. This is a gift that can last a lifetime and can be very special for any mom. Jewelry can often be personalized or a locket with a picture might be a better gift idea. For an occasion like Mothers Day, you might consider something that includes the birth stones of her children.

If you just can't decide what to get for mom then there are many sites available with additional gift ideas. Of course the best person to ask might be mom herself. Moms are usually very easy to please and only want recognition and to know that they have not been forgotten on this special day. Gifts can usually be found in just about any price range to help you stay on budget.

Keep in mind that Mother's day shopping requires you to find the best gift to show mom how much you love her and appreciate all the work she does. Start early and you can have plenty of time to find the perfect gift for your mom.

Online shopping is a convenient and popular way to shop for your mom in the modern age. Some products, like computers, are even customizable across the web. Buy products online for yourself and your loved ones today! http://www.airmilesshops.ca/.

Increase Your Sales From Your Business Page

Business is an art, a skill which comes out of experience. It is the tactics of convincing customers. You must also to play a very safe game in issues which include the company's name. It is not easy to convince your customers. The product needs to be of good quality to win their trust. They should believe in your product amongst the product of your competitors. This article will provide you different ideas on how to make it easy to buy from your website.

This article gives few tips that can be followed for selling any type of goods online.

When purchase is made from web site there is a provision to make comparison of prices from various brands. These should be reliable and displayed properly , clearly and with no confusion. Customers are very important for they are a part of the business. We should serve them the right way when they give us an opportunity to do so as we are only dependent on them . Provide them with all convenient options for paying money for their purchase. At the end of the day money will reach our hands anyway. So let us not try to be stringent on this issue. Provide options for paying through credit cars, pay pal or even cheques.

We should not give lengthy and boring instructions for guiding them through the process . It should be as simple as possible. The links should be easily accessible. In case of any doubt appoint people to help them clarify those doubts. Our web site may have many links. It would be even more easier that all these pages of our web site lead to a single page where we can access the order form. This will minimize all confusions.

Next is security concerns. This is a must as people should trust us when they but something as the payment is made. Even one or two cases if that trust is lost it can be a potential risk to our whole business. So its better to be very careful.

Remember the website and the webpage is your only media for contacting people. The details like the address, contact number has to be updated. The positive comments of the customer on the product can be uploaded. These will help people to believe you and your product.

Make sure that your product is good and delivered to the correct person. Do not disappoint them on any chance. Remember the product will speak about you and it will decide the company's future in the market. It will not only make you lose the trust of customers, but will give your chance to your competitors.

These tips can be followed if you want to know how to make it easy to buy from your website.

The Author is a passionate networker and shares the Auto site where you can find out all about Car stereo. He has experience with all this marketing strategies you have read in this article.

Finding Your Way Around Through The Internet

Google first launched their Google Earth software in 2005, and people were immediately fascinated by the potential of this very powerful tool. The first thing most people wanted to see was the images of where they live, and after that people typically started searching for famous landmarks, both locally and around the world. In addition to all of the amazing images that Google Earth was making available for everyone there was also a wealth of information and figures that were being provided as people sat in their homes and explored the planet.

Google Earth provides much more than this, it also provides much need information to emergency service workers throughout the United States and the world. It helps them quickly locate destinations that might otherwise be beyond their scope and in a very effective way that allows them to specify their searches to things like abandon buildings in a suspect region or can help to find travelers who have lost their way or become injured in desolate regions.

Because Google Earth is free to use, and is available to anyone with a PC and an internet connection, the ability to use Google Earth by emergency services personnel is available to every state, city, and town. While bigger cities were the first to adopt this technology many smaller towns are now adding Google Earth to their existing tools, making the job of first responders on the ground easier. Google Earth even has the ability to be enhanced, allowing fire fighters to have real time information on where a fire is, where it is spreading, and the best way to stop the spread of a large fire. This information in invaluable to those in command, whether it is the fire department or any other emergency services units. Google Earth is helping emergency services personnel save lives, and respond to situations more quickly and more efficiently.

Google Earth does not have the satellites in place that would be required to provide real time feeds to emergency services personnel on site, however the images available on Google Earth are pretty close to real time. In addition to the most up to date maps available, Google Earth also provides extra information to emergency services command centers that they do not make available to civilian users of Google Earth.

Such a wise company with many features that are ahead of their time, you will find that whatever you need on a personal or a professional level, Google offers all you seek and more.

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